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Luntos incorporates Ibercisa technology on board its new state of the art trawler

Russian company Luntos has chosen Ibercisa Deck Machinery’s electrical drive technology to equip its new freezer trawler which will be operating late 2021. The vessel is a VARD 8.02 design with a length of 80.4m and 16,7 m width and is designed to give maximum efficiency in its operations in the Bering Sea. 

Among the most outstanding aspects according to the shipyard are the deck machinery, the fish hold and working area and a freezer capacity of 170 tons a day. The electrically driven trawl winches with 385 kW motors and a nominal pull of 80 tons on the first layer are part of a wide range of 40 machines designed to offer maximum efficiency during fishing operations. Ibercisa will also supply gilson winches, codend winches, net drums, outhaul winches, net winches, auxiliary winches, anchor winches and cranes.

The vessel will be built at the Vard Vung Tau shipyard in Vietnam. The hull has been designed to optimize energy during navigation as well as during fishing operations and all the machinery has been selected with both energy efficiency and quality of catch in mind.

Ibercisa has supplied its equipment for more than 130 Russian fishing trawlers so far and expects to increase its leadership in this demanding market in the following years. The proven reliability of Ibercisa’s popular MAI 600 series is continuously improved with the latest drive and control technologies for better efficiency and control to allow the best winch package that a commercial fishing vessel can get.


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