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Marico Marine Group support BAE Systems Maritime to demonstrate remotely operated vessel operations

Marico Marine Group are supporting the ambitions of BAE Systems Maritime to demonstrate remotely operated vessel operations within QHM Portsmouth’s Port waters.

Using Marico Marine’s novel Port consenting process for uncrewed vessels (developed as part of the Portonomy project funded by MarRI-UK under their Technology and Innovation funding stream), uncrewed vessel operations can be safely and practicably integrated into day-to-day Port operations.
The process uses a specially adapted risk assessment methodology to include the novel vessel and its operation into a Port’s Safety Management System, allowing both Harbour Authorities and uncrewed vessel operators to identify the steps necessary to allow remote operation of their vessels without the requirement for a guard vessel or wet coxswain, removing significant cost, safety and operational barriers to the regular use of unmanned technologies within Port waters.

In the first commercial delivery of this process, BAE Systems Maritime have engaged Marico Marine to support their ambitions to deliver remotely operated unmanned vessel services within the QHM Portsmouth area of responsibility.

Commenting on developments, André Cocuccio, UK Director of Marico Marine said: “I’m delighted that BAE Systems have recognised the value of our efforts here. Our novel risk-based approach unlocks the integration of unmanned vessel operations within Port Authority waters. This is a great validation of the work we undertook as part of the Portonomy project and I anticipate further exciting developments in this space as we move forward.”

Dr. Tim Wilkes, Head of Technology at Marico Marine heralded this work as “representing a significant step towards realising the many safety, commercial and environmental benefits that can be achieved by the routine use of un-manned vessels, using tried-and-tested risk management.”

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