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Maritime innovator ExoTechnologies appoints Royal Marines Colonel to drive defence growth

Marine and offshore innovator ExoTechnologies is ramping up its activity in the naval and coastal law enforcement sectors with the appointment of Colonel Tom Ryall MBE as managing director of its maritime defence division.

ExoTechnologies, which owns Glasgow boatbuilder Ultimate Boats, is a specialist in maritime defence technology solutions. The company said Colonel Ryall will lead its international expansion and innovation in the maritime defence market, focusing on small boats, unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), and advanced autonomous technologies.

Colonel Ryall, a distinguished figure in the Royal Marines and Specialist Units brings experience of strategic leadership, defence innovation, and operational expertise. His 20 year career, included roles in the development and integration of cutting-edge military and dual-use technologies. He also led the pioneering XV PATRICK BLACKETT project, and the next-generation capabilities programme for the Future Commando Force, and implemented a high-performance and resilience program.

ExoTechnologies founder Shane Mugan said Colonel Ryall’s background makes him ‘an ideal fit’ to lead the company’s defence business.

“We are excited to welcome Colonel Ryall to our team,” he said. “His proven track record in leading-edge defence innovation align with our mission to transform the maritime defence sector. His expertise in autonomous systems and strategic planning will be instrumental to growing our defence business.”

ExoTechnologies founder Shane Mugan

In his new role, Colonel Ryall will oversee the development of cutting-edge maritime solutions, ranging from high-performance tactical craft to fast assault craft and autonomous unmanned surface vehicles. He is also set to establish ExoTechnologies’ presence at the Defence BattleLab, a collaboration between The Ministry of Defence, Dorset Council and Dorset Local Enterprise.

Colonel Ryall said: “I am delighted to join ExoTechnologies and look forward to applying my experience in defence innovation to advance the company’s strategic goals in the maritime sector. I am passionate about harnessing technology to redefine defence capabilities and deliver the best capabilities to frontline operators. I eagerly anticipate leading ExoTechnologies’ defence business, delivering innovative solutions for the maritime defence market.”

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