Ship & Boat BuildingDredgingMeet Big Float E35! Largest Remu amphibious excavator to date.

Meet Big Float E35! Largest Remu amphibious excavator to date.

Big Float E35 is Remu’s largest amphibious excavator to date. Equipped with additional pontoons, anchoring legs, stern drive units, custom built counterweight with auxiliary fuel tank and walkways, it has been assembled with CAT336 upper structure.

This amphibious excavator will be used for levees construction and repair in Louisiana, USA.

How is Big Float built?

Remu manufactures and supplies the entire undercarriage conversion kit which replaces the standard excavator undercarriage with the Remu built pontoon undercarriage system. Assembly can be performed on site, no modification to the excavator upper body required. All excavator controls and the 360ยบ working radius remain the same as with a conventional excavator.

The Big Float is manufactured with high strength wear resistant steel for the best protection against external stress and impact. Each pontoon has five watertight compartments with manhole access on top of the pontoon. The carefully engineered geometry and dimensions of the undercarriage maximize its stability in all environments.


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