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Metis platform takes maritime analytics to the next level

Metis is launching a completely revised version of its maritime analytics platform, whose additional information layers, advanced filtering and intuitive navigation also come with a new ‘look and feel’, which enhances user experience and helps clients better manage their ship and fleet performance. 

Fresh developments cover additional fleet and vessel-level summary dashboards, as well as key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide improved overviews in specific domains of focus, including ship emissions, vessel performance, optimized operations and machinery condition. Useful for benchmarking within the fleet and between sister ships, the new KPIs offer the precision for users to focus quickly and accurately on areas requiring attention. 

The upgrade coincides with a complete Metis rebranding that the company says depicts the way it is helping to “create transparent and forward-looking digital solutions that enable our customers to expand their capabilities, adapt to changing environments and embrace opportunities.”  

“We’re reconfirming the Metis commitment to digital solutions that bring competitive advantage for shipping businesses and benefit the maritime industry as a whole,” said Frank Paleokrassas, Chief Product Officer, Metis. “The new platform will greatly enhance the everyday experience for the user, providing easier access to existing intelligence and increasing return on digital investments. It is significantly faster and more engaging, as well as smoother in every aspect.”

By consolidating KPIs, Analytics and Insights into highly accessible visual summary screens, the new Metis platform provides the user with quicker ‘at a glance’ status checks for ships and fleets to support decision-making. It also includes a new Metis ‘Data Health indication’, which evaluates data received based on validity, completeness and timeliness to enhance confidence in the analytics and insights generated.

“It’s easier than ever to analyse the status of a vessel or fleet,” said Panos Theodossopoulos, CEO, Metis. “By promoting transparency and facilitating access to comprehensive and reliable intelligence, we enhance visibility, coordination, and decision-making while building a solid foundation of trust among all stakeholders. The new platform’s enhanced functionality perfectly aligns with our promise to empower people and organisations to evolve and create impact at all levels.”

The new Metis maritime analytics platform will be on show for the first time during Posidonia 2024, together with the new visual identity of the company.

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