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METS Technology Secures Contract for Charging Station on Gullmarsleden Road Ferries in Sweden

METS Technology has recently been awarded a significant contract to construct and install a charging station for road ferries operating between Skår and Finnsbo on Gullmarsleden, near the city of Lysekil in Sweden.

This groundbreaking charging station, commissioned by the Swedish Transport Administration’s Ferry operations, Trafikverket, is set to revolutionize the charging process for ferries, contributing to Trafikverket’s goal of achieving a fossil-free transport sector by 2045. The fully automated charging station eliminates the need for manual mooring and connection, streamlining the process for the ferry crew. Upon connection, the ferry can charge at up to 3 Megawatts, equivalent to the capacity of 12 fast chargers for cars. What sets this charging station apart globally is its integration of an automated mooring function, significantly reducing energy consumption.

With the construction of this charging station, Trafikverket takes a major stride toward its vision of a completely fossil-free transport infrastructure by 2045. VF Tellus, one of the ferries on the route, has already been converted to electric propulsion, currently operating as a “plug-in hybrid.” Following the installation of the new charging station, the ferry will sail fully electric and emission-free.

The project encompasses extensive construction and civil engineering, including the construction of buildings for onshore charging equipment, piling, construction of platforms in the water, and the adaptation of existing ferries to enable connection to the powerful 3 MW charging.

METS Technology assumes overall responsibility for project integration and coordination, delivering onshore electrical systems and onboard ferry equipment. The following companies have been engaged as subcontractors for different project components:

ONEARC AB from Gothenburg, Sweden, will provide a complete system for automatic mooring, as well as construction of platforms, footbridges, and other necessary facilities for gangways.

Zinus AS from Norway will supply a Charging Cable Management system that automatically positions itself according to the ferry’s location, engaging the charging connector in a fully automated process.

Kyros AB from Gothenburg, in collaboration with MVB Väst and GBG Mark, will manage all onshore construction and civil engineering work needed for this innovative charging station.

METS Technology is proud to be part of this exciting project, contributing to Trafikverket’s vision of a sustainable and fossil-free transport sector. The project has commenced, with completion expected in the autumn of 2026.

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