Latest NewsNew ASSO fleet TSV Argo fully operational

New ASSO fleet TSV Argo fully operational

After an extensive maintenance and refitting program, which included Class renewal, drydocking, significant modification and project mobilization works, the Argo has sailed today from Piraeus, Greece headed for her first employment under Asso.subsea in the North Sea. Resplendent in her new livery and company logos, she now features a permanently installed custom built A-Frame for side-launching heavy trenchers, whereas provisions have been made for an additional A-Frame aft to support lighter vehicles and equipment (Jetting vehicles, Boulder Clearance tools etc).

The vessel has been mobilized with Asso.subsea’s newest version of the Assotrencher IV, the latest development of the state-of-the -art ASSO trenching ROVs, able to bury all the possible range of submarine power cables in soil conditions ranging from stiff clay to solid rock, thanks to the adoption of both a chain and wheel cutting module. The design and construction of the vehicle have been fully implemented by in-house R&D, Engineering an Construction departments, based on more than 25 years of successful experience in mechanical trenching.

Asso.subsea is now proud to introduce this fine Trenching Support Vessel to the market, in what will be a busy year ahead for her!


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