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New partnership agreed: Ecomar Propulsion and EH Group

Ecomar Propulsion have agreed their third partnership agreement at NOR-Shipping 2023 – with Swiss hydrogen fuel cell specialists EH Group Engineering AG.

The partnership will see the partners integrating a series of new innovations into 200kW+ marinised fuel cells. The partners aim to rationalise complexity and use a new series of control strategies for seamless integration of fuel cells into Ecomar Propulsion’s zero emission marine powertrains.

Eugene Bari, CEO Ecomar Propulsion said, “Working with EH Group is a hugely valuable partnership for us. By combining our expertise we can accelerate towards a fully integrated hydrogen powered Energy Storage System into our drive train. When you join together Swiss precision with British innovation you can guarantee the result will be a world beating product.”

Specifically aimed at decarbonisation of commercial vessels, the partners’ cutting edge solutions aim to show how shipping can make the transition to clean propulsion much faster than anyone imaged even five years ago.

“Our aim is to replace last centuries tech with a better alternative,” said Bari. “The days of the dinosaur diesels are done.”

“We are excited to be taking our relationship with Ecomar Propulsion to the next level. Moving fast and offering a complete plug and play solution is the key to meet the pressing needs of marine decarbonisation,” stated Mardit Matian, Founder of EH Group.

“The market is requesting fully integrated clean power solutions that meet the challenging conditions of the marine environment. Leveraging our innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology with Ecomar’s domain expertise will greatly accelerate this process,” added Christopher Brandon, Co-Founder.

About Ecomar Propulsion

Sustainable by Design. Ecomar Propulsion research, develop and produce zero emission marine propulsion systems exclusively for commercial operators.

Ecomar Propulsion produce high performance electric and hydrogen hybrid hydrogen marine propulsion inboard and outboard systems. The team aim to reduce global emissions by creating high efficiency, high output marine engines and energy storage solutions.

About EH Group

Established in Switzerland since 2017, EH Group is focused on the design and production of its innovative fuel cell technology. It offers unrivalled power density, greater system efficiency and a unique assembly process that radically reduces costs. It is aimed at the decarbonisation of heavy duty mobility such as marine vessels, off-highway vehicles, trucking and aviation as well as large scale stationary power.

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