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Latest NewsNorthern Ireland Maritime & Offshore Network to propel NI’s maritime excellence

Northern Ireland Maritime & Offshore Network to propel NI’s maritime excellence

Northern Ireland’s maritime and offshore sectors are set to reach new heights with the launch of the Northern Ireland Maritime & Offshore network (NIMO).

NIMO, which is being funded by Invest Northern Ireland’s Collaborative Growth Programme, will unite Northern Ireland’s Maritime and Offshore sectors by supporting members to unlock commercial opportunities through innovation and collaboration. 

Kieran Donoghue, CEO of Invest Northern Ireland, said: “Northern Ireland has a rich maritime heritage, and the sector plays an important role in the Northern Ireland economy, employing over 5,000 people and contributing almost £4bn to our economy each year.

“Invest NI is pleased to support NIMO which will advance our maritime and offshore sectors while addressing key strategic priorities, including job creation, regional balance, productivity enhancement, and carbon emission reduction. We are excited to see how the network will evolve over the coming years, as it expands its member base and reaps the benefits of Northern Ireland’s rich maritime and shipbuilding heritage. With NIMO poised to catalyse collaboration, innovation, and growth, Northern Ireland’s maritime future looks brighter than ever.”

NIMO Chair, Stephen Kane, said: “This launch marks a significant milestone for long-term growth in Northern Ireland’s maritime and offshore sectors. Through NIMO we aim to drive economic expansion locally, unlock sustainable opportunities through collaboration, and position ourselves as a leading maritime region in the UK and Europe.  

“I am looking forward to working closely with our members, partners, and stakeholders to achieve mutual success, and playing our part in ensuring Northern Ireland is a key destination to invest, work and live.”

The launch of NIMO builds on the work of the Belfast Maritime Consortium, which was led by Artemis Technologies, delivering an unprecedented investment of £33 million into Northern Ireland’s new maritime ecosystem, through UK Research & Innovation’s Strength in Places fund. 

Dr. Iain Percy, CEO at Artemis Technologies, said: “As the founding member, Artemis Technologies is immensely proud to see NIMO officially launch.  

“Working at the forefront of maritime innovation, we understand firsthand the importance of partnering and working together to achieve otherwise unattainable goals. We believe NIMO embodies this collaborative spirit, offering a unique platform to showcase Northern Ireland’s exceptional talent, skills, and expertise to the world.”

NIMO is made up of 46 members including Kinsetsu, Belfast Harbour, Harland & Wolff, MJM Marine, Foyle Port, Doyle Shipping Group, CASC, Sea Source, Simply Blue Group and many more. The launch event is taking place at Belfast Harbour on 11th April and precedes the prestigious Maritime UK awards in Belfast on June 5th, 2024, which underscores Northern Ireland’s growing prominence in the maritime and offshore wind sectors.


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