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Ocean Signal to Introduce New SOLAS EPIRB and Personal Locator Beacon with AIS and Mobile Connectivity at SMM

Communication and safety at sea specialist Ocean Signal is launching its latest and most technologically advanced safety beacons to the market at this year’s SMM in Hamburg.

The new rescueME EPIRB3 and SafeSea EPIRB3 Pro are the world’s most advanced EPIRBs. They offer full regulatory compliance for vessels operating under SOLAS regulations, meeting new updated IMO (International Maritime Organization) Maritime Safety Committee EPIRB rules which came into force on July 1 2022. Additionally, Ocean Signal is unveiling its new rescueME PLB3, the first AIS enabled Personal Locator Beacon.

The new EPIRB3 series and PLB3 are both feature rich, with inclusion of AIS location signalling, new infrared strobe lights, advanced GNSS positioning, along with Return Link Service (RLS) confirmation messaging back to the beacons.

The addition of AIS signalling to Ocean Signal’s new line-up of safety beacons adds another layer of safety that allows all nearby vessels in VHF range to see a distress signal on their AIS receivers, ensuring more local rescuers to respond and provide aid faster.

As one of the industry leading manufactures, Ocean Signal also brings the industry-first benefit of mobile connectivity to a cell phone with a free mobile app. The introduction of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology into the beacons enables users to monitor their beacons, review self-test results, view GNSS test locations, and monitor beacon performance and maintenance.

James Hewitt, Managing Director for Ocean Signal, said: “The technology advances we are introducing at SMM with our new line-up of AIS equipped EPIRBs and PLBs is unlike anything else available on the market. We took the new EPIRB requirements, fit them inside the form factor of a PLB, and then also added the ability for mobile connectivity to your smartphone. Then we also came out with a new line-up of EPIRBs utilizing this new technology platform simultaneously. It was a herculean task for our design team. The result is a new series of beacons that gives our customers exactly what they have been asking for, at competitive prices, with more usability than any other beacons on the market.”

The new IMO rules state that vessels under SOLAS regulations will have to fit a new EPIRB with an internal AIS locating signal and an internal GNSS receiver, along with the 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz transmitters, when current devices are due for replacement.

Ocean Signal, ACR Electronics, and sister company UML are in Hall B1.OG, Stand 356 at SMM. For more information on Ocean Signal beacons and other safety equipment, go to

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