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PALFINGER: Take-over of Innovative Offshore Passenger Transfer System

Following the acquistion of the OPTS technology developed by Lift2Work, PALFINGER’s marine business introduces a unique and innovative solution to take on the booming market of offshore transfer systems.

As of September 2021, PALFINGER’s marine business has acquired the Offshore Passenger Transfer System (OPTS) technology by Lift2Work. The Rotterdam-based company was set up with extensive knowledge and experience in the maritime offshore sector with the aim to develop a mode of smooth and seamless transportation from vessels to offshore platforms. In line with PALFINGER’s vision of shaping the future of its customers’ lifting solutions, Lift2Work introduced a new way of offshore access – the OPTS.

Safe, Quick and Efficient
The system is a multifunctional hydraulic aerial lift for transporting both people and materials in a safe, quick, and efficient way. Technically, the OPTS is compensated on various axes to absorb waves. It can lift up to six people at once and goods weighing up to 2,000 kg. This combination distinguishes the OPTS from any other systems and methods available on the market.

A Response to Rising Demand and Energy Transition
Combined with PALFINGER’s undisputed competence and many years of experience in aerial work platform technology, this integrated solution has the potential to set a benchmark for the industry. What is more, the acquisition is a response to the booming market of offshore transfer systems.

PALFINGER expects this demand to continue to rise in the coming years due to increased public infrastructure developments – especially in the offshore wind industry – and decomissioning activities in the offshore oil and gas sector. “These developments are key drivers for the global transition to renewable energy”, says PALFINGER CEO Andreas Klauser. “With the acquisition of Lift2Work’s OPTS technology, we are eager to support this transition, always bearing in mind PALFINGER’s own sustainability values”, Klauser adds. Furthermore, the OPTS will bring new cross-selling opportunities and thus ultimately strengthen PALFINGER’s market position as a complete solution provider in the marine and offshore industry.

“As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative marine solutions, PALFINGER is the optimal company for the acquisition. With its rich technical expertise and ability to fulfill the most stringent customer requirements, we are confident that PALFINGER will successfully bring the OPTS to market maturity,” says Jan Rooswinkel, General Manager Lift2Work.

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