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Powerful NMEA 2000 data analysis made simple by ActisenseCloud

New free cloud platform helps boaters achieve optimum journey efficiency

Actisense, the specialist marine electronics brand from Active Research Ltd based in Poole, United Kingdom, has launched a free-to-use platform to help boaters, service agents and fleet managers to analyse and troubleshoot NMEA data, to make journeys safer and more efficient.

ActisenseCloud harnesses the power of cloud computing and gives users the ability to upload EBL log files from any NMEA 2000 network and to easily view data from all available PGNs online. Users are also able download these in common formats such as Excel, as well as formats such as GPX and KML, which allows users to then plot their journeys over time on Google Maps and Google Earth.

Actisense CEO, Phil Whitehurst, said:

Our vision has always been to help our customers understand the data that’s most important to them, wherever they are. Our customers have told us that they wanted to be able to measure NMEA 2000 data over time, such as fuel consumption over various speeds, for example. The power of the ActisenseCloud means that users can log all of their boating electronics data in one convenient place and analyse and troubleshoot their individual activity.

Because our platform captures all data on the NMEA 2000 bus,” Phil continued, “we make use of our award-winning technology to help boaters make sense of the treasure trove of valuable information coming from their network. Being able to analyse and measure things like engine data over time will serve to make your journey safer and ultimately more efficient.

Customers can also make use of the Actisense W2K-1 NMEA 2000 WiFi Gateway as the simplest way to automatically get data from their boat to the ActisenseCloud.

The ActisenseCloud platform is free to use – simply set up your free account at Actisense.cloud.  The company also have exciting plans to add more functionality to the platform in the near future.

Actisense ship their range of award-winning NMEA products around the globe to over 50 countries. For more about them, visit: actisense.com.

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