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Ship & Boat BuildingResearch VesselProbably one of the most quiet vessels in the world

Probably one of the most quiet vessels in the world

New Oceanic Research Vessel from MEST Shipyard in the Faroe Islands

Today the naming ceremony of the new research vessel ‘Jákup Sverri’ took place at MEST Shipyard’s facilities for the owners, Faroe Islands’ Marine Research Institute

The new research vessel is probably one of the most quiet vessels in the world – according to recognised underwater noise measurements. The ship, is built under the Silent-R class, which is for vessels requiring extremely low underwater noise radiation.

It took 2 years to complete the new building – one year to build the hull at WBS in Lithuania and one year to complete the vessel at MEST Shipyard in the Faroe Islands.

The vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art technology The vessel is 54 metres long and 13,6 metres wide and has a max speed of 15 knots. In accommodation, the crew well being and environment are emphasized with large common areas including a meeting room and a fitness room. The accomodation capacity consists of 13 single cabins and 6 double cabins as well as a hospital with 2 beds. The vessel has 7 decks, including Tank Top and Wheelhouse.

‘Jákup Sverri’ is arranged and equipped with state-of-the-art technology in order to carry out a wide variety of research work, including fish finding, oceanographic research as well as seismic surveys. With its vibration- and noise-damped diesel engines and the super silent 5-bladed propeller driven by el-propulsion motors, ’Jákup Sverri’ is an ultra silent vessel.

In addition the vessel is equipped with a drop keel enabling the sensitive instruments to be lowered 3 m below the bottom of the vessel, and thus have optimal working conditions.


The vessel has a factory, laboratory and special rooms for scientific work.

‘Jákup Sverri’ is built with a diesel-electric propulsion system not only because of better operation economy, but also because of the noise requirements. The propulsion system is based on an advanced AC system. For the same reason, the ship is not equipped with a gearbox, but has direct running of propeller from an AC electric propulsion motor. The propulsion system has a capacity of 2400 kW. The power supply is generated from two double elastic mounted diesel generators, type Wärtsilä 8L20, each with an output of 1500 kW.

Morever the vessel is equipped with electric winches. This solution is supposed to offer the best operating result in course of time. In addition, this solution implies that hydraulic pipes are replaced by electric cables, and the risk for leakage in the hydraulic system is eliminated. Thus a


very tidy and clean solution onboard is achieved. The vessel is equipped with custom made cranes from MelCal which are modified to the clients request and needs.

MEST Shipyard involved in the entire process The new vessel ‘Jákup Sverri’was designed by MEST Shipyard who has been responsible for the entire building process including concept design, detailed design, various calculations as well as project management throughout the process. In addition to MEST’s own workforce some 10-15 suppliers have delivered various equipment and installations.

The hull arrived in the Faroe Islands in September 2019 and after naming of the vessel today the vessel will be heading for operations in Faroese waters.

MEST Shipyard has delivered more then 120 vessels over the last 120 years.

A video of the new vessel:

MEST Shipyard MEST Shipyard is a modern shipyard with traditions dating back to 1898. The company consists of 2 shipyards, 1 stainless steel workshop – and 500 employees. The turnover in 2019 was 514m DKK.


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