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The construction of the Yno 316 newbuild, an expedition cruise vessel for Lindblad Expeditions, is progressing at Ulstein Verft. After having been hidden in the dock hall since November, the vessel is being finalised for the test period and sea trials. Now is the phase of exterior painting.

Yno 316 in the Ulstein Verft dock hall
The aft port side of the National Geographic Resolution, 12 April 2021.

The total dock length at Ulstein Verft is 225 metres, while the covered inner dock has a length of 110 metres. The ‘National Geographic Resolution’ has an overall length of 124.4m, so her bow area is protruding from the dock hall gate. Nothing is visible now of the bow part when seen from the outside, this is completely wrapped up to get her coating on.

Starting in week 14, the Lindblad Expeditions‘ blue signature colour is now getting very visible and the paint work is progressing from the aft and forward.

Work takes place all over the vessel, such as furnishing, electrical, painting, steel outfitting and ventilation work.

Recently, the galley equipment for the main galley on deck 5 and the crew galley on deck 4 have been installed. The paint work started with the painting of the outside aft decks. Currently, inspections of the crew cabins are ongoing. Soon the installation of the Bolidt floors on the outer decks will begin.

The ‘National Geographic Resolution‘ is sister vessel to the ‘National Geographic Endurance‘, which was delivered in March 2020.

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