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Reviving Crest Mercury 2 By Grandweld Shipyards

Grandweld Shipyards, a leading name in the ship repair industry, proudly announces the successful completion of the extensive refit of the Crest Mercury 2 (CM 2) for Pacific Radiance Ltd Singapore. The vessel was towed to Dubai Maritime City, where it underwent a comprehensive five-month overhaul.

Reviving Crest Mercury 2: A Triumph of Ship Repair Expertise by Grandweld Shipyards

Comprehensive Hull and Structure Overhaul

The project began with the full hull and superstructure undergoing thorough blasting and painting, ensuring the vessel’s exterior was robust and seaworthy. This process was crucial for restoring the vessel’s aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Thorough Tank Cleaning

Simultaneously, a meticulous cleaning process was conducted on 54 tanks, including those for fresh water, fuel oil, mud, cement, and ballast water, meeting the highest standards of safety and efficiency. This extensive cleaning was essential for the vessel’s operational readiness and environmental compliance.

Structural and Mechanical Repairs

Significant structural repairs were carried out on the vessel’s two kort nozzles, enhancing propulsion efficiency and maneuverability. The stern roller, essential for the vessel’s towing operations, received a major overhaul to ensure reliability and performance. Various piping systems, including overboard discharge (OBD) seawater, accommodation fresh water, and hydraulic lines, were renewed to ensure seamless operation throughout the vessel.

Power Generation Systems Overhaul

Both the shaft and auxiliary alternators underwent major overhauls, which are critical for the vessel’s power generation and distribution systems. Key automation tasks, such as MSB ACB calibrations and meter calibration, were completed to enhance the vessel’s automated systems, ensuring precision and reliability.

Mechanical Systems Overhaul

Over 50 blowers and motors were overhauled, guaranteeing that the vessel’s ventilation and mechanical systems were in top condition. Various carpentry tasks were performed in the accommodation areas, improving the living conditions for the crew.

Installation of Ballast Water Treatment System

A new Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) was installed, complete with piping, electrical, and automation work as per client-provided drawings, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. This installation was vital for the vessel’s environmental sustainability.

Valves and Deck Machinery Overhaul

Additionally, a full overhaul of OBD, sea chest, and safety valves, totalling 200 units, was carried out to ensure operational safety and efficiency. Essential deck machinery was repaired and overhauled, enhancing the vessel’s operational capabilities.

Deck Crane and Propulsion Systems Overhaul

The deck crane underwent a full overhaul and troubleshooting, restoring its functionality. Critical components such as the controllable pitch propeller (CPP), bow thruster (BT), and stern thruster were overhauled under the supervision of a service engineer, with in-house repair and skimming of the blades.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

The reactivation of Crest Mercury 2 is a testament to Grandweld Shipyards’ dedication to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. By successfully navigating the challenges and complexities of this massive project, they have reinforced their reputation as a premier provider of ship repair services in the UAE.

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