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SEA.AI and TimeZero Partner on Next-Gen Situational Awareness

SEA.AI, the prime mover in maritime machine vision, has partnered with TimeZero, the leading provider of navigational software solutions, to integrate its AI-based vision technology into TZ Professional software.

This collaboration is designed to bridge the gap in situational awareness by combining sensors on the same interface, significantly enhancing safety, efficiency, and comfort for mariners worldwide.

“By integrating SEA.AI’s advanced detection capabilities with our TZ Professional software, we are not just improving maritime safety; we are transforming how mariners interact with the sea.” says Frederic Algalarrondo, Sales and Marketing Director of TimeZero. “This partnership is a leap into the future of navigation, where technology acts as the mariner’s sixth sense, constantly vigilant and reliable.”

Over the past five years, SEA.AI has been at the forefront of maritime safety innovation with its AI-driven vision technology. By integrating thermal and optical cameras with advanced machine learning algorithms, SEA.AI’s system detects and classifies floating objects in real time, even the ones that escape radar or AIS systems, such as boats without AIS, floating debris, and individuals overboard.

SEA.AI’s flagship product, Sentry, equipped with two thermal cameras and two low-light cameras, can for example automatically detect small buoys or people overboard from distances of up to 700 meters. This real-time visual data analysis significantly enhances situational awareness, enabling early and reliable hazard identification by providing crucial warnings to crews.

Marcus Warrelmann, CEO of SEA.AI, states, “Our mission has always been to safeguard mariners using the power of technology. Working with TimeZero enables us to embed our vision directly into the navigation process and combine the data of other equipment onboard, enhancing every aspect of maritime voyages. Together, we’re not just integrating systems; we’re building the future of safe and intelligent navigation.”

With almost 40 years of history and innovation, TimeZero has been the cornerstone of maritime software, providing full control and performance for thousands of mariners globally. TZ Professional software is renowned for its superior control, performance, and comprehensive navigational features designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional mariners. With innovations such as compatibility with TZ MAPS charts, Smart Radar mode, and new AIS features, TZ Professional offers an intuitive and powerful platform for maritime navigation.

Integrating SEA.AI’s object detection capabilities with TZ Pro Software, a comprehensive suite of navigational tools, allows mariners to seamlessly combine collision avoidance equipment such as AIS and radar with real-time visual data analysis. This integration bridges the gap in situational awareness, providing mariners with an unprecedented level of insight into their surroundings and greatly enhancing safety at sea.

The integration facilitates better-informed decision-making by providing mariners with detailed information about potential hazards, weather conditions, and navigational obstacles. It ensures that mariners have access to a user-friendly interface, simplifying the process of monitoring and controlling the different electronics on board, thereby reducing the workload and stress levels of those at sea.

François Hebert, Technical Director at Pochon SA, who spearheaded and tested the integrated system aboard a Search & Rescue vessel in La Rochelle, declares “The SEA.AI range of cameras has found its place in our catalogue as an innovative thermal and daytime detection solution. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, SEA.AI cameras can be actively integrated into navigation safety equipment. At Pochon SA, we are proud to be part of this great adventure, particularly the integration of the Sentry camera into the TZ Professional software. We look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration.”

This partnership marks a big step forward for maritime watches, blending SEA.AI’s cutting-edge machine vision with TimeZero’s know-how in maritime software to establish a new safety standard and improve situational awareness at sea.

Frederic Algalarrondo highlights, “For us, this partnership is about bringing the best possible experience to our customers, and we’re grateful to the SEA.AI team of engineers who have put their AI-based vision technology through its paces to be confident of full compatibility. Our team stands ready to support customers as they make new installations.”

While machine vision has found a solid place in the automotive sector, its adoption in the maritime industry is still under construction. This collaboration between TimeZero and SEA.AI is essential to establish computer vision as a new safety standard in maritime operations. As the partnership between SEA.AI and TimeZero progresses, both companies look forward to expanding their collaborative efforts from navigation assistance to include maritime surveillance capabilities. This expansion will enhance their commitment to advancing industry standards in safety, security, and environmental protection.

SEA.AI and TimeZero Reveal Next-Gen Situational Awareness for Mariners

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