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SEAONICS Enhancing Performance and Reliability Through Retrofit Upgrades

In 2013, SEAONICS installed their first offshore crane on the Norside Supporter. Fast forward to today, that same crane is installed aboard the upgraded Argeo Venture, and Norside Supporter have received the ECMC Crane.

Argeo is a complete subsea service provider operating in three major verticals: oil & gas, marine minerals, and the renewables sector. SEAONICS recently completed the re-commissioning of a 50-ton Active Heave Compensated (AHC) subsea crane on their vessel, Argeo Venture. This achievement was made possible through a collaborative effort involving Fjellstrand Yard, Argeo, and SEAONICS specialists on-site.

“The upgrade of the Argeo Venture marks a significant advancement in our vessel’s capabilities within the offshore energy sector. The addition of the crane strengthens our operational reach and efficiency, reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients,” says Trond F. Crantz, CEO of Argeo.

At SEAONICS, our innovation revolves around a customer-centric principles. We understand that every client has unique needs and challenges. By embracing this understanding, we deliver tailored retrofitting solutions that optimize performance and reliability.

Kenneth Borgen, VP Services and Upgrades at SEAONICS, highlights this perspective;”These projects present an opportunity to extend the lifespan and enhance the capabilities of existing vessels. The key is minimising downtime for our customers, ensuring vessels swiftly return to operation.”

Reidar Tolo, Project Manager at Fjellstrand Yard, shares positive feedback on the seamless collaboration with SEAONICS on retrofit and upgrade projects. “We received excellent assistance and experienced seamless cooperation with the SEAONICS team,” he states. “From planning and clarity to installation and commissioning, their dedicated professionals ensured an efficient process.”

Tolo highlights the recent successful transition from the Norside Supporter’s subsea crane to the new ECMC 3D crane, underscoring SEAONICS’ effectiveness in project execution.

SEAONICS and Fjellstrand Yard also did another successful ECMC Crane assembly, in record time, last month on Norside Cetus.

Watch the retrofit process aboard the Norside Supporter, showcasing the replacement of the 50-ton crane now operating on the Argeo Venture with the ECMC C25 Crane

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