Six weeks ahead of schedule, the Ro-Pax vessel Côte d’Opale – Stena’s fifth E-Flexer vessel from the Chinese shipyard CMI Jinling (Weihai) – was delivered today. A ceremony with representatives from Stena RoRo, DFDS and the shipyard was held on site and the ship is now embarking on its maiden voyage to Europe where it will enter service during the summer. Stena RoRo has signed a long-term charter agreement with DFDS, and the ship, with its 214 meters, will become the longest ferry operating in the English Channel.

“Our focus is to adapt the design to our customers’ specific wishes, and in this case, DFDS has been very involved in the ship’s unique design,” says Per Westling, CEO of Stena RoRo. “In addition to far-reaching demands regarding the environmental aspects and technology, flexibility is one of the main characteristics of the E-Flexer class.”

To date, Stena RoRo has ordered nine large RoPax vessels of the E-Flexer type, five of which have now been delivered. The company has an option for additional vessels. The Côte d’Opale will serve the Dover-Calais line as a day ferry. Instead of cabins, there are extra-large areas devoted to activities and passenger comfort. The bow and stern are especially designed to fit the quayside facilities in both ports, and in addition, it is equipped with a third bow thruster to facilitate the many daily maneuvers in port.

“We offer efficient transport solutions for both cargo and passengers,” says Torben Carlsen, CEO for the DFDS Group. “With a capacity of 160 cars and space for 1000 passengers, the Côte d’Opale is a fine example of how we combine cargo and passenger traffic without compromising the onboard experience. We really appreciate Stena’s E-Flexer design, which has made it possible to adapt the ferry, in collaboration with Stena, to the wishes associated with the short crossings across the channel. With this ferry, we will be able to offer our passengers a comfortable journey.”

About Stena E-Flexer
The Stena E-Flexer vessels combine cargo and passenger capabilities, and are substantially larger than today’s standard ferries. The Stena E-Flexer class is at the forefront when it comes to sustainability and sets a new standard in terms of emissions, cost and energy efficiency, as well as performance.

About the Côte d’Opale
Length: 214.5
Draught: 6.4 m
Beam: 27.8 m
Capacity: 3100 lane meters + 120 cars, 1000 passengers

Specification of Stena E-Flexer order with CMI Jinling (Weihai), China:

  1. Stena Line (in service between Holyhead and Dublin in early 2020)
  2. Stena Line (in service between Belfast and Liverpool in 2020)
  3. Brittany Ferries (long-term charter agreement for service between the United Kingdom and Spain)
  4. Stena Line (in service between Belfast and Liverpool in 2021)
  5. DFDS (long-term charter agreement for service between Dover and Calais, delivery 2021)
  6. Brittany Ferries with LNG operation (long-term charter agreement for service between the UK and Spain, delivery, November 2021)
  7. Stena Line (extended version, delivery 2022)
  8. Stena Line (extended version, delivery 2022)
  9. Brittany Ferries with LNG operation (long-term charter agreement, delivery 2023)

Stena RoRo has led the development of new marine RoRo, cargo and passenger concepts since 1977. We specialize in custom-built vessels, as well as standardized RoRo and RoPax vessels. The company leases about fifteen vessels to operators worldwide, both to other Stena companies and third parties. Stena RoRo specializes above all in applying its technical expertise to the design and production of new ships and the conversion of existing ships for delivering tailored transport solutions to its customers. We call this “Stenability”. Since 2013, we have been responsible for the design and completion of Mercy Ships’ new hospital vessel the Global Mercy – the world’s largest civilian hospital ship.


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