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Svitzer introduces ROV Hull Cleaning for fleet performance optimisation

Svitzer has recently begun operating the Svitzer SeaBadger Hull Cleaning ROV in Panama as part of the ambition to grow and offer additional services to Svitzer’s customers.

Svitzer SeaBadger is a Hull Cleaning ROV (remotely operated vehicle), which is a more efficient and environmentally conscious solution that supports fleet performance optimisation, improves fuel efficiency, and reduces carbon footprint.

The diver-less method makes the service safer than traditional hull cleaning, and as the Svitzer SeaBadger can operate in the harshest conditions and cleans up to 1,200 sqm per hour, it is also one of the most efficient and powerful ROV solutions in the market. Furthermore, the proven brushless water jet technology can adjust the water pressure in real time and thus help protect and preserve the customers’ investment in anti-fouling coating.

“To ensure we continue to meet our customers’ needs and demands, we must always strive to rethink and innovate what we do. The Svitzer SeaBadger is a good example of how we as a global towage provider can use our knowledge and experience to offer a new solution that not only delivers value to our customers, but also supports the efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of shipping and make the industry more sustainable in the future. As part of A.P. Moeller – Maersk, we naturally have a strong focus on contributing to a green transition,“ says Svitzer’s global CCO, Videlina Georgieva.

The Svitzer SeaBadger is currently operating in Panama with the ambition is to expand this service to a wide range of the ports Svitzer services globally.

Hull cleaning with the Svitzer SeaBadger is offered in collaboration with a local partner. Underwater inspections, propeller polishing, surveys and other diving services are also provided and can be booked through Svitzer.

For more information about the Svitzer SeaBadger, please visit or contact Commercial Manager, Etienne Duchesne or Hull Cleaning Commercial Manager, Gerald Victor via

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