Sunday, May 26, 2024
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TotalEnergies joins CorPower Ocean’s Pilot Access Program

CorPower Ocean has developed an innovative anchored Wave Energy Converter (WEC) that harnesses energy from ocean waves. The wave motion is converted by a...

Marine Energy Research Australia spearheads world-leading wave energy hydrodynamics project

Marine Energy Research Australia (MERA) is set to deliver an extensive study focused on wave energy hydrodynamics, to drive performance, reduce cost and accelerate...

Costa & Rego have been selected as CorPower Ocean’s Supplier of the Year for 2022

The Viana do Castelo operation has played an integral role in the development of CorPower Ocean’s first commercial-scale Wave Energy Converter, soon to be...

UMACK anchor completes on-land trials paving way for full-scale production and ocean demonstration

A pioneering marine anchor solution has successfully completed on-land trials validating the technology and sealing approval for full-scale production and ocean deployment.The UMACK (Universal...

CorPower completes world’s largest wave energy test-rig

CorPower has constructed the world’s largest wave energy test-rig following an intense two-year project.  The 45-tonne moving mass system, installed at CorPower’s Stockholm base, is capable of simulating ocean wave conditions anywhere...

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