Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Simon Møkster Shipping

Brunvoll shall deliver DP2 to MS “Stril Mar”

Simon Møkster Shipping AS is going to replace the existing dynamic positioning system onboard their offshore supply vessel, MS "Stril Mar”. Brunvoll has been...

Battery hybridization of Simon Møkster Shipping vessels

For several years, Simon Møkster Shipping has reduced its emissions from the fleet with the help of various measures. The company has clear ambitions...

Simon Møkster Shipping taps Vard Electro for the installation of SeaQ Energy Storage System onboard two platform supply vessels

Simon Møkster Shipping has ordered SeaQ Energy Storage System from the technology company Vard Electro, enhancing the company’s efficiency and environmental performance. Vard Electro...

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