Thursday, February 22, 2024

The MST Group reveal a preview of their TASKFORCE-800A Riverine Patrol Craft.


MST’s new range of combat-proven riverine boats, designed to support the most demanding of professional users…

MST are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of their new TASKFORCE range which will join our existing product line in June. Boasting lightweight aluminium hulls all craft in the new range have been carefully developed by their specialised in-house design team as the perfect watercraft for combat in shallow rivers and treacherous inland waterways. With a dynamic draft of less than 0.25m and equipped with powerful waterjet propulsion systems they can achieve an impressive 35 knots speed and yet maintain maximum manoeuvrability.

The upcoming range includes two models; the TASKFORCE-800A and the TASKFORCE-1200A, with both able to carry a minimum of 7 personnel and four independent 40mm weapon stations. The lightweight design with extreme firepower capability, crafted with the help of 20 years’ experience in the defence industry, ensures you deliver maximum results on every mission.

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