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The Next Level Of Remote Support The Kotug Eye

Ensuring business continuity at all times while reducing CO2 emissions

After successful testing KOTUG started to use AR glasses to ensure the continuity of its ISO and class audits and technical support by engineers on-site.  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we were confronted with many challenges, one of them being the continuity of our audits, inspections and technical expert support, as traveling was brought back to a minimum. At the start of the pandemic, we already were at an advanced stage in developing our AR glasses – the KOTUG Eye – and decided to speed this up. We have put a lot of effort into testing and finalizing the tool. The hands-free IoT Data Visualization provides our operators the real-time data and visuals they need when operating, inspecting or maintaining our equipment.

Meanwhile, the KOTUG Eye is fully up and running. Koos Smoor (Manager Field Performance & Innovation at KOTUG):  “We use the glasses to guide and support our staff onboard in complex operations as well as to train our staff. It is an excellent workaround to the ongoing travel restrictions. The expert can log in from anywhere and guide the person onboard through the live visuals. We will keep using these devices in the post-Corona era because it works. It offers real-time visual collaboration and enables our support engineer to guide end-users through problem resolution without expensive field visits. Already it enhances our customers’ satisfaction and reduces service costs as the machine uptime is higher. Finally, it reduces our CO2 footprint due to much fewer travel requirements for the inspectors, auditors and experts. “

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