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The world’s largest electric ferry delivered

Bastø Electric was delivered from Sefine Shipyard to BastøFosen on December 7th. This marks a new era for Norway’s busiest ferry route Moss-Horten. When Bastø Electric enters operation in early 2021, it will be the starting point for electric operation, which will significantly reduce the route’s environmental footprint. Following Bastø Electric two of the existing ferries will be converted to electric drive before summer 2022. When BastøFosen’s electrification programme is completed, emission of greenhouse gases will be reduced about 80% compared to the current diesel operation. Norwegian Ship Design is also responsible for design and engineering for the conversion projects. We are proud of our contribution in making this a successful project. Norwegian Ship Design has been acting as advisors for BastøFosen and we have delivered a substantial design and engineering package to Sefine Shipyard.

High voltage charging systems are being built in Moss and Horten, capable of charging with a power of up to 9000 kW. The ferry has a large 4000 kWh battery system, enabling all electric operation. In addition, the ferry has diesel generators with sufficient capacity to maintain normal operation in case of failure of shore power.

Bastø Electric is the world’s largest all electric ferry, with a length of about 145 m and capable of carrying 200 cars and 600 passengers.


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