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TSBOATS – HDPE Workboats That Last A Lifetime.
Designed and produced in Estonia
Unsinkable. Unstoppable. Unbeatable.

TSBOATS are designed and built in Estonia. Located in the Baltics, it is a small country with great potential

There are times when the sea is calm and other times when it is stormy, but our boats will help you overcome any obstacle that may arise. Fully designed and produced in house our boats can be customized for different tasks.

And the material HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is a perfect fit for creating a plastic boat. In comparison to aluminium or fiberglass, it is strong, flexible, does not accumulate marine growth, and provides a lot of benefits. Also HDPE is stronger than other boat plastic.

Our boats are made for rough weather and tough tasks. They can withstand countless blows and still operate. Also they are recyclable.

Take a look at our line of boats. Maybe your new boat is waiting for you there?

Smallest boats that TSBOATS produce. From 4 to 4.5 meters.

A simple HDPE boat that gets things done.

Boats from the Light Line series are lighter in weight than boats from other lines since the manufacturing process uses materials with smaller thicknesses.

The boats’ hull is made of half-pipe with a diameter of 400 mm. This reduces weight while maintaining excellent strength characteristics.

A workhorse, boat that can do it all. Our most popular boat line – Standard line.

Boats here are a bit bigger, 5.9 to 6.9 meters, width is 2.3 meters.

The hull of Standard Line boats is based on a 500 mm pipe divided into three sections, 12.3 mm thick.

Boats in this series have a heavier and longer hull than Light Line boat

A bigger, stronger and more durable – Advanced line.

The boats in the Advanced Line series are designed for those who need a smoother ride on the waves and enhanced stability compared to the Standard Line series. This range is designed for severe operating conditions.

A distinctive feature of Advanced Line boats is the changing deadrise throughout the entire bottom. Made with a sharper and higher nose to overcome high waves. The body length of this series is 7.2 – 8.2 meters. Wider than the Standard Line series – 2.45 meters. This boat width allows you to conveniently transport it in a sea container or on a regular truck.

The biggest HDPE boat of them all and the most sleek looking – Professional line.

Boats in the Professional Line series have a more complex hull design than all other TS Boats boat series. Series sizes are 7.9 – 9.2 meters long and 2.5 – 2.7 meters wide. The hull is based on 500 mm pipe. This pipe has certain bends, that makes it is possible to make a more complex rise at the boat’s bow.

Boats can be equipped with a cabin, 10 – 12 seats in front, or an empty deck for transport. This is the most customizable boat produced by TSBOATS.

TS Boats Team

Sergei Kurilenko CEO of TS Boats/ TS Marine

Sergei Kurilenko

CEO of TS Boats/TS Marine
Tel:+372 51 10 777
Email : sales@tsboats.com

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Contact TS Boats

TS Boats and TS Marine


TS Marine OÜ
Registration number: 12454628
VAT: EE101775577

Office address: Estonia, Tallinn, Regati pst 1 -228 11911

Production address: Estonia, Maardu, Madikse 9 74114

Phone: +372 51 10 777

Web : www.tsboats.com

Email :  info@tsboats.com
Email  : sales@tsboats.com

Tsboats HEPE Professional Line series have a more complex hull design than all other TS Boats boat series.

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