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Two New Ambulance Vessels with Wavefoil

Wavefoil has secured a contract with Sea Technology to provide retractable bow foils for two ambulance vessels, operated by Gulen Skyss. The vessels are designed by Sea Technology and will be built in composite material by Måløy Verft/Easy Form. Both vessels are planned to be in operation before May 1st, 2022.

This will be the second project where Wavefoil provides foil modules for ambulance vessels. Following the great success with the ambulance vessel M/S Thea Jensen, this contract demonstrates the importance of satisfied pilot customers. “We have already documented 25% motion damping for Thea Jensen, and we are confident that also these vessels will obtain a significant patient safety and comfort improvement with our foils deployed”, says Eirik Bøckmann, CEO of Wavefoil.

Wavefoil’s delivery for the two ambulance vessels is four WF1050 modules with control panels, with the possibility for remote monitoring, increasing the operational safety and ensuring optimal performance.

“The ambulance hulls have been thoroughly engineered to reduce, and limit, all spectra of motion that is normally expected in rough sea conditions. This was done through extensive CFD analysis as well as model scale (1:20) towing tank tests at Stadt Towing Tank AS. To further ensure optimum crew and passenger comfort in certain sea conditions (typical choppy seas) retractable bow foils from Wavefoil were selected”, says Christian Carlson, CEO of Sea Technology.

These will be the largest and most modern ambulance vessels built in Norway and will operate on the west coast of Norway. “This contract shows that the market has taken notice of the benefits Wavefoil provides for this vessel type. It has been a pleasure to work with Sea Technology and we look forward to seeing the vessels in operation”, says Pål-Ove Husøy, Sales Director of Wavefoil.

Wavefoil AS is a Norwegian company, founded in 2016, providing retractable bow foils (underwater wings) for ships. The foils typically save 5-15% fuel and improve the comfort on board. The benefits of bow foils have long been known, but Wavefoil is the first company that has developed a commercial and patented solution where the foils can be retracted into the ship hull, which is crucial for such foils to be a commercial success.

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