Volvo Penta’s Easy Connect app delivers access to engine, boat and route data – directly on your smart device. With the latest updates, it will be easier than ever to navigate, keep track of your fuel consumption and engine performance, and at the same time improve your overall boating experience.

Since its launch in 2018, Volvo Penta’s Easy Connect app has offered users an enhanced boating experience. With Easy Connect, you can plan and share your next boating trip, view vessel data in a dashboard style overview and – should a problem arise at sea – share system data directly with your Volvo Penta dealer. Easy Connect is available as a free download for iOS on Apple’s App Store, or for Android tablets and smartphones on Google Play.

Integrated full navigation system
Now, a range of new updates are being added during fall 2020, such as improved navigation in real-time and an easier way to keep track of fuel consumption – helping you save both time and fuel costs.

“As always, we work with customer feedback and develop our software accordingly. One of the main new features is that now we can offer a full navigation system through the app. Before, you needed a separate navigation system, but now it is all integrated with Easy Connect,” says Maria Andreasson, Easy Connect expert at Volvo Penta.

In addition, the trip planning feature has been extended. Now you can search and find your journeys from way back, without having to scroll through a long list of trips.

“We’ve made it really easy to search for old trips in the app, in case you want to repeat a journey you’ve made. We have also made it possible to see how much fuel you needed during a specific trip. That, again, makes the boating experience a whole lot easier, especially with the new and improved look of the app,” says Maria Andreasson.

Improved dashboard quality
The Easy Connect portable dashboard display is a great complement to the analogue instrumentation on board – and is now integrated with navigation charts from Navionics.

“This, we believe, is most welcome for those who own older boats, when no color screens were available on board. With Easy Connect, your dashboard quality will improve, and you will have a modern view in color.”

Available on more boats than ever before
Easy Connect has been available for boats with one to two Volvo Penta engines. Now, a new feature enables boat owners of larger yachts up to 120 feet, with three or four engines, to use Easy Connect as well.

“All the new features add to the boating experience, and the fact that boating should be simple, easy and fun. The new features, and also minor updates to the existing ones, will be available in the fall of 2020,” concludes Maria Andreasson.

Overview: New features in the Volvo Penta Easy Connect app

  • Real navigation
    Navigation charts from Navionics are now available through Easy Connect, making navigation even easier.
  • Trip logging
    A filter function makes it possible to search your past trips. You can also see fuel consumption for specific trips.
  • More data available
    Depending on your engine type, additional sensors and functionalities installed in your boat, more system and engine data is now accessible through Easy Connect and makes a great complement to the analogue instrumentation.
  • Works for even more boats
    Easy Connect is now available for larger yachts up to 120 feet with three to four engines.
  • Improved user experience
    Simplified menus, easy access to pairing codes and improved design.

About Easy Connect
The Easy Connect app is available for a wide range of Volvo Penta engines from 2003 and later. Easy Connect is available as a free download for iOS on Apple’s App Store, or for Android tablets and smartphones on Google Play. You also need to install the Easy Connect Interface in your boat, which is available through your local Volvo Penta dealer. When connected, the Interface transmits information to your smart device via Bluetooth®.

Please visit www.volvopenta.com/easyconnect or contact your local Volvo Penta dealer to find out more about Easy Connect and what is available for your boat.

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