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UZMAR Shipyard Delivers ‘Svitzer Elizabeth’ Tugboat for SVITZER

RAstar 3200W series built by UZMAR Shipyard, Robert Allan Ltd. designed tugboat was delivered with a ceremony attended by SVITZER officials and guests

In his speech, UZMAR Chairman of the Board A. Noyan Altuğ said, “At UZMAR, we export our intellectual and technical know-how, years of experience, enhanced technology and technical capability of Turkish engineering. UZMAR-built tugs, serving in 25 different countries of the world, are the products of our collective experience. We are working to make a difference in the world with our progressive projects that we invest in for future generations, our environmentally friendly and sustainable vessels with low emissions and carbon footprints. We are sure that the SVITZER Elizabeth, which we have delivered today, will make us all proud with both its operational and innovative features, thanks to its superior technological equipment and maritime capability. I thank all the UZMAR family, the SVITZER team, and Robert Allan Ltd. who contributed to this important project.”

SVITZER COO Philip Patenden thanked all the teams involved in the project in his speech and stated that they would be happy to work with UZMAR on other projects in the future.

SVITZER Europe Regional Technical Manager Erik Mainkvist thanked UZMAR in his speech and said; “The two tugboats UZMAR delivered to SVITZER about three years ago are successfully serving in our Australian ports. During this time, we looked forward to the day when a tugboat built by UZMAR Shipyard would also serve in Europe Region. It is finally possible with SVITZER Elizabeth. It will be one of the strongest tugboats in the region when it goes into service.
We look forward to working with UZMAR on more tugboats to be deployed in Europe. We are continuing the preparations with UZMAR to start the construction of two TRansverse tugboats, whose contracts we signed in the past weeks. Thanks to this cooperation, I hope that  we will witness the successful conclusion of many more projects.”

The ribbon-cutting ceremony held by SVITZER Liverpool Port Manager Jennifer Beswick signalled the departure of the Svitzer Elizabeth, as the tugboat made a short show before heading to the Port of Liverpool, where she will serve.

With its advanced technology and maritime capability, the Svitzer Elizabeth is expected to enhance the quality of tugboat services in Liverpool and set the standard for future tugboat projects by UZMAR.

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