Ship & Boat BuildingResearch VesselVaagland to build a new research vessel for UiT Norwegian Arctic University

Vaagland to build a new research vessel for UiT Norwegian Arctic University

Vaagland Båtbyggeri AS has on 24 / 6-2021 entered into a contract with UiT Norwegian Arctic University for the construction of a new research vessel. This will be the yard’s building no. 161. The boat was designed by Skipskompetanse AS in Måløy and has a length of 26.4 meters and a width of 10 meters. The vessel will be equipped with equipment for sampling benthic fauna and is rigged with trawl to be able to take samples of fish and shellfish. On board, a laboratory has been set up for use in teaching.

 The hull will be built in Poland, arrival in Norway next spring and planned delivery in the autumn of 2022.

 The equipment of the vessel will take place in Vaagland Båtbyggeri’s covered dock and in this way the best possible finish and quality of work is ensured.

 The new coastal vessel will, among other things, be used for teaching and research in geosciences, biology, gear technology and coastal navigation. In addition, it will serve UiT’s needs within station monitoring and maintenance when collecting marine environment data and teaching materials. The vessel is also adapted to testing new equipment technology for obtaining research data in advance of advanced and expensive equipment being sent to more distant sea areas with larger sea and ice-going vessels.

Vaagland Båtbyggeri is very pleased that this vessel is being built in Norway and that this will have ripple effects for many local subcontractors. It will now be a hectic period to put in place all the agreements with the subcontractors so that you can have a new beautiful vessel delivered from Vaagland Båtbyggeri. 

Since the award of the design contract, Skipskompetanse has developed a good collaboration with UiT Norway’s Arctic University and looks forward to continuing this together with Vaagland Båtbyggeri. We are very pleased to deliver one project within the client’s requirements specification and budget, and that Norwegian shipyards and supplier industry are competitive in the construction of this type of vessel.


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