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Van Oord acquires second autonomous survey vessel

Van Oord is always on the lookout for innovative digital solutions that create value for our clients and take marine engineering to the next level. After a successful deployment of its first unmanned (autonomous) survey vessel last year, Van Oord ordered a second vessel.

Van Oord augments knowledge and experience with data-driven information and insights. This approach has generated several ideas from in-house departments for digital client solutions that have been piloted and/or scaled up, e.g. the VO:X Metiri, Van Oord’s first unmanned (autonomous) survey vessel. After a successful deployment of the vessel at projects in the Netherlands last year, Van Oord recently contracted Demcon Unmanned Systems for a second unmanned vessel.

Collaboration is key

The idea for the VO:X Metiri originated in Van Oord’s Survey department. The objective was to obtain more measuring data for the client at lower cost and to increase safety by eliminating an onboard operator and surveyor. Thanks to its small dimensions, VO:X Metiri can operate in places that a normal survey vessel cannot access. The vessel was developed by the Van Oord Survey team in collaboration with high-end technology supplier Demcon.

Fedor Ester, Managing Director of Demcon Unmanned Systems
— Fedor Ester, Managing Director of Demcon Unmanned Systems
  • Vox Metiri, Van Oord's autonomous vessel

Sustainable solutions

In 2020, VO:X Metiri surveyed two areas, in the River Rotte and in the basin in the Spaanse polder for the A16 motorway project in Rotterdam. The electrical vessel features the very latest in sustainable solutions, including zero emissions and low-noise engines, allowing the vessel to collect data without disturbing local fauna.

Frank Reynhout
— Frank Reynhout, Surveyor

VO:X data programme

The VO:X data programme is integrating digital technology into all areas of the business, fundamentally changing how it operates and is delivering value directly to clients.

Read more about VO:X data in the 2020 annual report 

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