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VARD signs contract for two Commissioning Service Operation Vessels

VARD announce that they have signed a contract with an undisclosed Taiwanese customer for the design and construction of two Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOV). The vessels are of VARD 4 39 design which is a new design from VARD

The customer has appointed VARD to design and construct two CSOVs’ of VARD 4 39 design. This is a new design from VARD and a highly versatile all-round platform for sustainable windfarm support operations both as a service vessel for the wind farms and for the building and installation phase.

The vessels are prepared with a large external deck and a hull shape that both supports the fuel efficient CSOV operation and future integration of a modular power and fiber optic cable lay and repair spread.

The vessels have been developed with large design flexibility to accommodate future operational demands. The design has focus on environmental footprint with an efficient machinery and propulsion set-up for high station keeping capabilities, improved workability, and operational reliability.

The design includes a full electrical equipment package as part of a forward-leaning strategy in the electrification of and delivery of enhanced reliable operations onboard the ships. This includes a powerful battery package, crane and W2W gangway system. The CSOVs’ are also prepared for future fuels.

The vessels have an aggregated hotel capacity of 120 persons, whereof 90 is allocated in large single cabins. Operational centers such as offices, briefing rooms, conference room and dayrooms have been designed to meet a high standard in the market.

VARD is a total provider on the vessels. Through our integrated value chain, we are delivering the design, building the hull, outfitting, integrating, and commissioning the ships for the customer.

The new vessels will have Vard Electro’s SeaQ Bridge system installed, – a bridge solution with an intuitive user interface designed for a safer and more efficient operation with the operator in focus. The SeaQ Bridge is a digital enabler and serve as the interface to all the operational data.

The hybrid vessels’ electrical system is fully integrated through SeaQ Power to minimise the emissions and maximise the operational window. For control and monitoring of this and the complete vessel systems, the newbuildings will be equipped with Vard Electro’s SeaQ Integrated Alarm System (IAS), Power Management System (PMS), and Energy Management System (EMS).

Vard Interiors will deliver modern interior solutions and green HVAC R and piping systems, with a focus on quality craftsmanship and efficiency, aiming to create a good living, and working environment onboard the vessels.

VARD’s specialized subsidiary Seaonics supports the project with delivery of a fully-electric lift and handling system. The delivery includes a fully specced Electric Controlled Motion Compensated (ECMC) 30-meter walk-to-work gangway featuring a 3-ton 3D compensated crane and personnel elevator. For efficient cargo handling Seaonics will supply the ECMC 7-ton 3D compensated crane.

“One of VARD’s advantages is our ability to collaborate closely with customers to tailor-make vessels based on the customer’s needs and requirements, and this vessel has been developed in a fruitful process together with the customer. We look forward to progressing the project in the construction phase and hope we can create a long and prolific partnership in years to come. Together we will continue to find sustainable solutions for the offshore wind industry on our way to the green transition and sustainable business at sea,” says Christian Utvik, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing in VARD, and commercially responsible for the contract.

The first vessel will be built, outfitted, commissioned, and delivered in Q4 2026, with the second in Q1 2027.

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