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Wagenborg Offshore has taken subsea support vessel Kingsborg taken into service after conversion project

After the positive experiences with the W2W vessels Kasteelborg and Keizersborg, Wagenborg has once again opted to convert a standard Platform Supply Vessel into this specialist offshore vessel. The DP2 PX121 vessel, previous named Aurora Thunder, was designed and built by Ulstein in Norway.

In 6 months, Royal Niestern Sander shipyard has converted the Kingsborg by building a dedicated  accommodation module, converting her in accordance with SPS-60 class and preparing the vessel for a heavy motion compensated offshore crane.

Efficient offshore maintenance

Oil and gas companies face major challenges to carry out their work as safely and cost-efficiently as possible and to increase the efficiency of maintenance. Offshore platforms are smaller and normally unmanned without a helicopter deck, resulting in a need for purpose-built ships. With these ships, offshore activities can be supported safer, more efficiently, more effectively and more productively, as the W2W ships Kroonborg, Kasteelborg, Keizersborg and Koenigsborg have proven.

Market leader

With five operational specialized offshore vessels on the North Sea, Wagenborg can be considered as one of the market leaders in this offshore niche. All offshore vessels have proven to deliver efficiency and logistical advantages. In 2015 the first walk-to-work vessel ‘Kroonborg’ introduced by Wagenborg and Niestern Sander was awarded ‘Ship of the Year’. In 2018 Wagenborg delivered ‘Kasteelborg’, a walk-to-work vessel after a conversion project. In 2020 the ‘Keizersborg’ and in 2022 the ‘Koenigsborg’ were delivered, both also after a conversion project. The Koenigsborg was awarded ship conversion of the year.

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