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Wärtsilä ANCS unveils NACOS PLATINUM Solid State X-Band Radar

Wärtsilä ANCS, part of technology group Wärtsilä, introduces NACOS Platinum Solid State X-Band Radar, a new radar system engineered to redefine safety and reliability standards in marine navigation. Designed with the latest solid-state transceiver technology, the system features a compact housing and gearbox, eliminating the need for traditional magnetrons. This design ensures low maintenance and reduced lifecycle costs for vessel operators, without compromising on performance.

Key benefits of the NACOS Platinum Solid State X-Band Radar include optimised target detection in all environmental conditions, improved target tracking with independent signal processing, and adaptive pulse transmission for enhanced hazard recognition. Additionally, the radar’s advanced signal processing and intelligent filter algorithms enable first-class target presentation, delivering superior long-range target detection without the need for preheating and tuning.

“At ANCS, we push the boundaries of maritime technology to enhance safety and efficiency at sea. The NACOS Platinum Solid State X-Band Radar is a significant advancement in radar technology, offering our customers unprecedented levels of safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness,” says Eberhard Maass, Head of Product Navigation, Wärtsilä ANCS.

NACOS Platinum Solid State X-Band Radar is compatible with all NACOS Platinum Navigation Systems, offering seamless integration and easy retrofitting and providing vessel operators with a hassle-free upgrade path to state-of-the-art radar technology.

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