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Renewable EnergyWave & Tidal PowerWill wave energy supply oil and gas platforms with electric power?

Will wave energy supply oil and gas platforms with electric power?

Lundin Energy Norway is entering into a partnership with Ocean Harvesting Technologies to look at the possibility of using wave power to supply oil and gas platforms with electric power.

The research project will look at whether one can install converters for wave energy in connection with oil and gas platforms to deliver clean, stable and cost-effective electric power. The project will be completed by February 2022 and provide valuable data and information on how wave power can be used for power supply offshore.

– Lundin Energy has a CO2 emission per produced barrel that corresponds to 1/6 of the global average, and we are committed to becoming carbon neutral already in 2025 – as one of the first oil and gas companies. Nevertheless, it is a major challenge for the industry to implement the emissions cuts offshore that have been set as targets. Therefore, we are very happy to be able to enter into a collaboration with Ocean Harvesting Technologies to see if there are new ways to deliver the power needed, says CEO of Lundin Energy Norway, Kristin Færøvik.

Even in line with the climate goals from the Paris Agreement, about 1/4 of the energy will still have to come from oil to cover the total energy needs in 2040, compared to 1/3 today. In order to achieve the climate goals at the same time as we meet the energy needs of the future, it is absolutely necessary to reduce emissions from oil and gas production as much as possible.

– With this study, we aim to develop specifications and system design for a wave power installation at an oil platform. This will provide us with very valuable information on what is required for such an installation. The project will give us important confirmations in this early phase of commercialization of the project. We are very pleased with the opportunity to collaborate with Lundin Energy Norway, says Mikael Sidenmark, CEO of Ocean Harvesting Technologies.

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