Renewable EnergyOffshore WindWilliams Shipping delivers renewable energy supplies - case study

Williams Shipping delivers renewable energy supplies – case study

The challenge

To support round-the-clock generation of renewable energy by delivering generators and associated equipment for offshore wind farms across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

How did we help?

We provide international haulage to support the fast delivery of generators, so that wind turbine farms can maintain a ready supply of backup units.

What equipment was deployed?

Our pool of multi-lingual drivers is available to collect and deliver the generators on PSK flatbed trailers or semi-low-loaders complying with European height restrictions.

The whole story

Williams Shipping has considerable expertise in logistics and haulage, and has built a strong relationship with Manor Renewable Energy (MRE), a provider of temporary power and engineering solutions for the offshore industry.

MRE maintains a pool of critical equipment for offshore wind farms across Europe, so when additional generators are required, MRE can contact Williams Shipping at short notice to arrange delivery from their headquarters in Portland to ports such as Esbjerg, Denmark – one of the leading ports in Europe for handling and shipping out offshore wind farm components.

These generators are designed to sit on top of their own fuel tank, so are supplied as a cube approximately 3m x 2.3m, and are ‘in gauge’ so are not designated an abnormal load. Up to three generators per trailer are loaded, then it takes about 3-4 days to cover the journey between Portland and Esbjerg.

Williams Shipping drivers include speakers of Polish, Italian and German who can be allocated to specific jobs where necessary, and we can double-man services if speed is essential.

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Williams Shipping expertise in wind farm logistics

We have considerable experience in providing logistical and transport support for the renewables sector, including haulage for both offshore and onshore wind turbine construction and maintenance – for example Williams Shipping is involved in the construction of the world’s largest offshore wind farm at Dogger Bank and is providing haulage services for the Thames London Array. We deliver to a wide range of ports across the UK and Europe, continuing to respect local and national regulations including those relating to the coronavirus.

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“Manor Marine has worked with Williams Shipping over the past two decades and they have delivered the majority of Manor Renewable Energy equipment since 2013. Williams Shipping’s customer service, professionalism and ability to provide the solutions we need are just some of the reasons that I’m sure we will continue to work with them for decades to come.



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