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Alamarin Water Jets welcomed by Hamble River Authority

The Hamble River Authority (HRA) has recently taken delivery of three new HDPE workboats from Tideman Boats, equipped with Alamarin AJ245 water jets and Yanmar 4LV engines. With high operating hours expected, Proteum has entered into a service agreement with HRA to provide ongoing support for these workboats, with the first 50-hour services already completed by Proteum’s engineers.

The choice of Alamarin water jets by the Hamble River Authority was based on their robust design and high-quality manufacture. As a world-leading supplier of water jets for vessels ranging from 1000kg to 24,000kg displacement, Alamarin’s reputation for reliability and performance made them the ideal choice for HRA’s requirements.

These new workboats will serve a crucial role in the Hamble River, and their arrival has been met with great enthusiasm. The Alamarin water jets, combined with the Yanmar engines, offer excellent maneuverability and power, ensuring efficient and effective operations for the Hamble River Authority.

Welcoming the addition of these workboats, the Hamble River Authority looks forward to further enhancing its services and operations in the region. With the support of Proteum and the reliable performance of Alamarin water jets, HRA can effectively meet the demands of its daily operations and ensure the smooth flow of the river.

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