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It is not every day that we are able to offer two sister vessels up for sale.

The photo shows Mr Holm (Buyer) and Mr Overheul (Seller), signing the delivery protocol during the official hand-over

Today we are excited to share with you the sale of the second of the Damen Stan Tugs 1004, this time to our valued customer Sea Machines Robotics from Hamburg, Germany. Sea Machines Robotics will cooperate with Damen Shipyards Group in their endeavours to convert and operate a fully autonomous demo vessel on very short notice, and have chosen this sturdy workhorse as their preferred platform. Damen is committed to excellence and values emerging technologies that increase vessels’ productivity, predictability, efficiency and safety. For these reasons, we are excited to retrofit this tugboat with an SM300 autonomous command and control system and deliver it as the latest vessel within Sea Machines’ global test fleet. Watch for additional information from Sea Machines about how this vessel will contribute towards the advancement of their industry-leading autonomous vessel technology and more.

Since new, both sisters have been operated in the Baltic, from where they were transported back to the Netherlands just two months ago. This vessel type is extremely handy to assist during port operations or on river projects due to its high manoeuvrability and relatively high power-to-length ratio (4.2 tonnes bollard pull on 10 metres).

We wish the new owners successful operations utilizing this true Damen workhorse.

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