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AYRO chooses Caen in Normandy to produce its Oceanwings®, wind propulsion system for maritime transport

A contract was signed between AYRO and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Caen in Normandy, concessionaire of the Port of Caen-Ouistreham, to locate its production facility for manufacturing its Oceanwings®, a wind propulsion system for maritime transport.

This is the world’s first factory dedicated to furlable, reefable and automated wingsail production, a technology breakthrough in the shipping industry.

The production of the four Oceanwings® 363 for the Canopée project will start December 2021 and the delivery is expected end 2022.

Canopée is a 121 meter long ro-ro vessel, designed by naval architect VPLP design and currently being built at the Neptune Marine shipyard. Chartered by Alizée, a joint-venture between Jifmar and Zephyr & Borée, she will be transporting components of the Ariane 6 rocket, Ariane Group, from Europe to French Guyana.

AYRO will provide over hundred job opportunities in the area, taking advantage of this strategic location to benefit from an ecosystem in its field of expertise.

In the middle of the port area, the plant will also beneficiate from a direct access to the sea and will therefore be particularly suitable to deliver the Oceanwings® to French and European shipyards. The canal from Caen to the sea offers a calm and sheltered stretch of water, with constant level, allowing easy installation onboard ships.

«We are very proud to get this great opportunity to set up our wingsail production factory in Normandy, and to mark a major milestone in our Oceanwings® industrialization. Benefiting from a dynamic ecosystem and open to the sea, this location will be ideal to serve our clients at best. » said Ludovic Gérard, CEO of AYRO.

« With the establishment of the AYRO factory, Caen-Ouistreham cargo-port will be able to participate actively in the economic sector development dedicated to shipping. Innovation, technology, trading and shipping will be at the heart of the project to respond to environmental challenges. » says Michel Collin, CCI of Caen Director.

About AYRO

AYRO is a French company that designs, manufactures and sells the wings Oceanwings® to be installed on commercial vessels and yachts, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions by reducing fossil energy consumption.

For more information, please visit our website: www.ayro.fr

About the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Caen Normandie (CCI Caen Normandie)

The CCI of Caen Normandy is one of the two CCI of Calvados department. Interested in new developments, the CCI of Caen constantly invests in modernizing its equipment in order to become more ecologically effective.

And AYRO’s implantation was precisely possible due to this framework. For more information: CCI Caen

About the Caen-Ouistreham port

Managed by the CCI Caen Normandie, the port of Caen-Ouistreham is the tenth highest cargo tonnage port in France with over three million tons handled. Freight trucks between Portsmouth & Ouistreham via ferries are its main activity, representing a third of its traffic. Beyond the Channel crossing, local industries activities need this harbor to export final products or import raw materials Its Ouistreham- Portsmouth ferry link enables the port of Caen-Ouistreham to be well positioned on the cross-Channel market. Its other activities, both bulk and conventional, are developing along the Caen-to-sea canal serving both manufacturers and local economic operators..


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