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Corvus Energy and Sanmar Shipyards sign MoU to develop a new range of zero-emission and hybrid tugs

Corvus Energy and Sanmar Shipyards are pleased to announce a newly signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two organizations. The agreement has been signed during European Tug Owners Association Meeting held in Turku and aims to develop a new range of zero-emission and hybrid tugs based on Robert Allan design.

The MoU allows the two companies to jointly explore and establish a path for the future supply and integration of energy supply systems and fuel cell technology for an even wider range of innovative and cost-effective electric and hybrid tugs, which will be constructed at Sanmar Shipyards’ facilities in Turkey. Corvus Energy will be responsible for battery and fuel cell technology, dimensioning and advice on battery room design, power system and fuel interfaces.

Ruchan Civgin, Commercial Director of Sanmar, said: “Sanmar as ever, is focused on moving forward with technology and especially with pioneering technologies that contribute significantly to our customers’ and society’s march towards a greener and sustainable future. Corvus Energy is leading the way in how energy storage systems are used by continuously developing new technology and exploring ever-newer ways of using energy storage to optimize energy consumption and reduce cost. The MoU we have signed with Corvus Energy draws on both our considerable strengths as leaders, pioneers and innovators in our respective fields, to accelerate the path towards much needed, cost-effective and efficient future-ready battery and hybrid tugs, still further.”

“The tug and workboat market is an important market for Corvus Energy and a big part of our future growth strategy,” says Ronald Hansen, Senior Vice President Ship solutions at Corvus Energy. “Battery and fuel cell technology is especially advantageous for workboat and tugs as their operational profile is highly variable. This MoU with Sanmar, which is one of the world’s leading tugboat builders, will help accelerate the development and increase availability of more efficient zero- and low-emission tugs.

The tug series will be based on Robert Allan Design and have a bollard pull between 30 – 70 tons.

Both organisations clearly intend to move aggressively towards the signing of a full Cooperation Agreement, given the expected execution date is set to coincide with the Tug Technology 2021 conference (25-26 October) in London, UK.

About Corvus Energy

Corvus Energy is the leading supplier of technology solutions for zero-emission and hybrid maritime, offshore, subsea and port applications. Corvus Energy offers a full portfolio of energy storage systems (ESS) suitable for almost every vessel type, providing high power energy storage in the form of modular lithium-ion battery systems. The purpose-built, field-proven battery systems provide sustained power to hybrid and all-electric heavy industrial equipment, including large marine propulsion drives. Corvus Energy has unsurpassed experience from 450+ projects, totaling over 350 MWh and more than 3,5 million operating hours. In addition, Corvus Energy is a leading developer of maritime fuel cell solutions.

For more information, please visit www.corvusenergy.com

About Sanmar Shipyards

Having experience almost 5-decades, Sanmar represents the reputation for innovation and excellence at its two custom-built state-of-the-art shipyards at Tuzla and Altinova in Turkey. Renowned for a wide portfolio of technologically-advanced tugs based on world-leading designs from naval architects such as Robert Allan Ltd, built on demand to customers’ specific operational needs and leads the world in the construction of RAL tugboats, with more than 250 built to date. Range of tugs includes LNG-fuelled, hybrid and autonomous vessels. Sanmar, also being a tug operator, prides itself on focusing on the need to minimize or eliminate negative environmental impact. Sanmar Shipyards works in close partnership with customers at every stage of a project and offers unrivalled after sales and post-delivery technological support.

For more information, please visit www.sanmar.com.tr

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