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CTruk, release new Commercial RIB range.

CTruk have developed a new range of commercial workboats working in collaboration with Carson Ribs. CTruk have combined the Carson heritage of robust, fast RIBs with CTruk’s capability in delivering, lightweight and fuel-efficient workboats.  

The result is the CR1000.

Based on well proven Carson hull designs used by professionals in over 20 countries worldwide for nearly 4 decades, the all new hull structure for the road transportable 10 metre CR1000 wheelhouse RIB has been designed for modern infusion construction in accordance with the latest Bureau Veritas regulations using “Green” laminates to the latest IACS approved Sicomin InfuGreen Bio-Epoxy infusion resin and ArmaForm PET foam cores which are made of 100% recycled PET. This infused sandwich construction is lighter and stronger than traditional hand lay-up. The standard twin engine package is 2 x 300bhp Oxe diesel outboards. Other engines including inboards can be specified. Vitals: Loa: 10m x 3m beam with top speeds exceeding 50kts. (dependant on power). Tubes are mechanically fastened, radio frequency welded PU fabric with an outer protective skin also of PU for maximum abrasion resistance and longevity.

It is supplied with an MCA workboat certificate.

More details Contact CTruk | Tel: +44 (0) 1206 302088 | Email:


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