FishingWell BoatHavyard Leirvik Delivers wellboat before the deadline despite covid-19 difficulties

Havyard Leirvik Delivers wellboat before the deadline despite covid-19 difficulties

Havyard Leirvik today handed over another well boat to Frøy, and even with the shipbuilding industry’s challenges with corona, Havyard managed it before the agreed deadline.

  • It has gone incredibly well, says project manager Håkon Bosdal.

The ship, which is number four in the Havtrans series, has its predecessors Namsos, Steigen and Reisa. Kristiansund will now be in operation for Frøy.


 But there is always development and improvement from ship to ship, and everything must be tested and work before we can hand over the ship. Those who have worked on this project have proven that they are skilled shipbuilders and have done a great job so that we have managed, not only to meet the deadline, but can deliver two days before the agreed time. 

Systematic work 

The corona pandemic has affected both access to workers and how employees can work. 

  • We have not really had enough people, and then it is well done to deliver ahead of time. However, we have focused on the right things, worked systematically and in the right order. In addition, we have always had a good collaboration with the customer. This is how we have managed to meet the deadline and deliver a new, good work tool to Frøy.

Now more work awaits with wellboat number three in the same contract to Frøy. The hull has been delivered to Havyard Leirvik and the equipment is all up and running. This ship will be handed over in the autumn, and it is Håkon Bosdal who has project management there as well.

  • Here at the yard, there will be full speed throughout the summer, and holidays must be divided and distributed so that we can manage to maintain production as we want. 

 Interaction between Hav Group and Havyard 

The Havtrans series from Hav Design sets the standard for the middle class of well boats in the industry. Kristiansund has a capacity of 3,250 cubic meters divided into three round tanks. The round tanks allow the boat to carry more fishing at the same time as the fish welfare increases with calmer fish and higher survival. In addition, the hull shape is such that the boat runs easily and cuts both emissions and fuel costs.

Norwegian Electric Systems has delivered automation and electric power systems in addition to the bridge solution, which is also the newly developed fully integrated Raven bridge. Norwegian Greentech has provided a system for purification of ballast water, while Hav Design has been responsible for the design. 


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