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Edda Wind take delivery of C416 from Astilleros Balenciaga 

Edda Wind is pleased to announce that the Company took delivery of C416 from Astilleros Balenciaga on 26 March. This new addition to Edda Wind’s fleet signifies a pivotal moment in advancing sustainable energy solutions.

The vessel will carry out to be the permanent vessel in the contract with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy at the Saint-Brieuc wind farm in France, running until Q2 2028. The Service Operation Vessel (“SOV”) C416 demonstrates Edda Wind’s commitment to providing reliable support for offshore wind projects.

Zero emission ready

The SOV C416 has been designed with flexibility and operability that enables it to service wind farms worldwide. The vessel has also been prepared for zero-emission operations with hydrogen as energy carrier in a Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier concept. This concept has been adopted by Edda Wind as it meets the company’s strict criteria for safe operation, logistical solutions, and endurance. For example, this way of handling hydrogen on board avoids exposure to the safety risks that exist for several other green fuel solutions.

“C416 represents the future of offshore wind service vessels, being the second SOV worldwide prepared for a hydrogen-based energy system capable of up to four weeks of endurance. This milestone positions the vessel to support the construction and commissioning of wind farms without generating carbon emissions, aligning with our commitment to sustainability”, says Kenneth Walland, CEO of Edda Wind.

C416 is of Salt 0358 design and the sister vessel of “Edda Brint” delivered from Astilleros Balenciaga shipyard in Spain in October 2022. It can accommodate up to 60 persons in separate high standard cabins.

In addition to C416 and the seven vessels (all CSOVs) currently under construction, Edda Wind owns and operates two SOVs, Edda Mistral and Edda Brint and three CSOVs, Edda Breeze, Edda Boreas and Edda Nordri.  

“As operators seek to enhance efficiency, reduce operating costs, and minimize environmental impact in wind farm operations, specialized service vessels play a crucial role. Edda Wind is poised to capitalize on the growing demand for such vessels, offering tailored solutions to meet evolving industry needs,” adds Kenneth Walland.  

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