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Latest NewsENKEL Successfully Delivers ROV Platforms to VARD for Prysmian Cable-Laying Vessel

ENKEL Successfully Delivers ROV Platforms to VARD for Prysmian Cable-Laying Vessel

Estonian logistics and transport company ENKEL has successfully delivered ROV platforms from Poland for Prysmian‘s new cable-laying vessel which is being built at VARD Søviknes in Norway.

The scope of supply included for the cable laying vessel included ROV platforms, L-hatches, hydraulic platforms, and supplementary equipment. The largest L-hatch measured 570 x 570cm which created a logistical transport challenge.

ENKEL Successfully Delivers ROV Platforms to VARD for Prysmian Cable-Lay Vessel

Aleksandr Rutkovskii, project manager said “This was a strategic delivery for our customer, therefore making it even more strategic for us. The logistics of such a delivery to Norway were not straightforward – it couldn’t be delivered entirely by trucks, and instead sea transportation was also required. In this case, the Consignee was a shipyard, which had the suitable infrastructure to transfer the cargo to and from the ship.

Delivery from the production location in Poland to the loading port was not an easy task as it involved negotiations with authorities, escort vehicles and even the demolition of street furniture.

Additionally, we were faced with a tight timescale for the delivery with no buffer in the schedule for any delays in production as is so common for large scale projects like this or in the transportation.

For the sea transportation part, a large liner ship was used which reduced both the transit time and delivery costs. Thanks to reliability and responsibility of our agents we managed to coordinate the transportation at every stage and deliver the equipment on time.

ENKEL cooperates widely with engineering and manufacturing companies within the shipbuilding sector, assisting in delivery of equipment and machinery to and from Europe, Norway, UK, Turkey and overseas with minimum effort.

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