Europort 2021: the path to a sustainable maritime future

Europort 2021 is proud to announce the first programme components. This year’s largest maritime exhibition will take place from 2 to 5 November in Rotterdam Ahoy and its brand new convention centre. It is the 40th edition of Europort, making it one of the longest existing maritime exhibitions in the world.

Of course, Europort 2021 also looks to the future. In fact, charting the path to a sustainable maritime future is one of Europort’s primary ambitions. To initiate a deeper understanding of the transition trails that are of vital interest to the maritime ecosystem, four major themes will dominate the Europort 2021 agenda: Digitalization, Energy Transition, the Next Generation and Ship Finance.

In common with the previous 39 editions, Europort 2021 offers numerous conferences, thematic masterclasses, matchmaking and networking events, seminars and workshops in close collaboration with its partners and industry organizations. Exhibition manager Raymond Siliakus: “Once again, a very extensive knowledge programme will be implemented. We’re proud to be working with many respected partners in the sector, in order to create a relevant programme for all of our maritime segments.”

Below is a selection of the first highlights of the definitive programme. To see the full programme and for details on how to book free tickets, visit

Europort Opening Summit

Maritime peers can get inspired during the official Europort Opening Summit, consisting of challenging questions on the themes Digitalization, Energy Transition, Ship Finance and Next Generation and a triggering expert panel discussion.

The Innovation Stage

The Innovation Stage will focus on the four central themes of Europort 2021 for 4 days. Europort exhibitors and partners will pitch their innovations live on stage. Located in the heart of the fairground, the Innovation Stage offers a free access daily programme. Each day another industry theme will be top of mind:

Tue. 2 November: Digitalisation & Smart Technology

Wed. 3 November: Safety & Security

Thu. 4 November: Energy Transition & Green Shipping

Fri. 5 November: The Next Generation

Smart Digital Ports

For the first time in its 40th anniversary, Europort presents the ‘Smart Digital Ports’ conference. Europort is committed to the next generation of efficient and connected ports. Global ports and the entire supply chain debate, discuss, network and share best practices on latest developments on automation, sustainability and connectivity.

1st Mare Forum ‘Funding the European Inland Navigation’

Also new is the first Mare Forum entitled ‘Funding the European Inland Navigation’. This event creates the chance to discuss and make a difference. With multiple keynote speakers and panellists the following questions will be addressed: Who has a clear view of the design of the barge of the future? What insights do we have into the commercial viability of future ship designs? Who will take the investment risk on these technologies? What is the role of the capital provider and charterer? Is LNG just a transition fuel? Hydrogen, ammonia, batteries, and nuclear? Is there enough infrastructure in ports to facilitate new fuels? Will we have new trades, requiring new ship types – e.g. hydrogen carriers and ammonia product tankers?

Ship Finance Pavilion

On the initiative of Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) and the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KVNR), this year’s edition will feature a dedicated ‘Ship Finance Pavilion’, located in the heart of the fairground. The Ship Finance Pavilion offers a daily programme of short presentations by industry experts in the field of ship finance, funding and/or subsidies for ship owners, shipbuilders and suppliers. The pavilion will also serve as an informal information and meeting desk where visitors can consult financial experts for questions and answers.

MariMatch 2021

And then there will be MariMatch 2021 on November 3 and 4, organized by the Enterprise Europe Network. This is an international “matchmaking” event for companies and institutions in the maritime industry who are looking for new business and/or research partners. The event offers the opportunity to gain new international contacts for future technology partnerships. The focus is on innovative technology. After registration on the MariMatch website participants can schedule appointments with other parties or be invited by potential foreign partners. The intermediate network of Enterprise Europe Network plays an active role in connecting parties from different countries.

Furthermore, a Shipathon will be organized where answers are sought by young professionals on many challenges, a variety of promising start-ups will present themselves on the exhibition floor and numerous industry organizations organize their own events.

About Europort 2021

With 27,000 professional visitors and 1,100 exhibiting companies, Europort is one of the world’s leading and long-established maritime events. Held between 2 – 5 November 2021 in the world port city of Rotterdam, Europort 2021 will be the international maritime meeting place for innovative technology and complex shipbuilding. Returning this year for its 40th event at the newly renovated Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Centre, the event will focus on four key themes – Digitalization, Energy Transition, the Next Generation and Ship Finance.

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