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Evoy develops 150 hp electric outboard motor together with Hurtigruten and Frydenbø!

Evoy develops 150 hp electric outboard motor together
with Hurtigruten and Frydenbø! Evoy develops 150 hp electric outboard motor together
with Hurtigruten and Frydenbø!

Evoy develops 150 hp electric outboard motor together with Hurtigruten and Frydenbø! Evoy, based in Florø, Norway has received a lot of attention for their commitment in developing a 100% electric propulsion system for high-speed boats. They are now expanding their portfolio to a turnkey 150 hp outboard system with batteries.

Evoy delivers turnkey plug-and-play 100% electric propulsion systems to new and existing boats. Since the summer of 2019, the prototype Evoy1 – a Polarcirkel 860 – has been used for extensive testing and optimization of the system, and has now stepped up to serial production. Last summer Evoy1 was baptized by Norway’s Prime Minister, Erna Solberg and set an unofficial world record for production e-boats with 55 knots later the same year.

Evoy’s vision is to eliminate emissions from boats. Evoy is based in Florø, Norway, and their systems of up to 800 hp are designed and tested to operate in the toughest environments in the world – the Norwegian coast. This year Evoy is focused on the commercial market with an inboard propulsion system for boats between 20 and 40 feet. Additionally, they are working on an outboard system supported financially with 1,8 Mill NOK from Innovation Norway. The goal is to have it completed and ready for the market in first quarter of 2021. –

We have had many inquiries to deliver outboard systems, especially from the Polar Cruise segment. Hurtigruten were early to announce their interest and wanted to have 30 systems delivered in the spring of 2020. We like challenges, but this inquiry was a little tight, even for us, says an excited CEO and Founder Leif A. Stavøstrand.

The Prototype Outboard – which is not drivable yet – was to be released at the Boat Show Sjøen for Alle in Lillestrøm, Norway March 18-22. Due to the cancellation, the World Premiere will be in Florø later this season. The Prototype is based on a 90 hk and with a more powerful lower leg, it will likly perform equivalent a 150 hp petrol engine, now with electric propulsion. The testing that will be performed during summer and fall of 2020 will give the final results on performance and range.

Hurtigruten’s goal is to operate 100% emission free. We will lead the way towards a more sustainable tourist industry, and nothing will be more natural than to use electric propulsion, also with our smaller boats. The technology has not been ready, but we believe we can solve this together with Evoy and Frydenbø. We look forward to getting started and to experience how this works towards our usage patterns, the artic temperatures and of course our customers, says an enthusiastic Karin Strand, Vice President Expedition at Hurtigruten.

Hurtigruten has a unique heritage, and this combined with a very skilled crew and small expedition ships gives them the opportunity to offer exciting and nature-based experiences in the world’s most remote areas. Hurtigruten holds 15 ships which makes them the world’s largest and versatile supplier of activity specific travels in the polar regions of the world.

The Outboard motor is especially designed to fit the Zodiac Milpro MARK 5, and for this boat it will perform at 115 hp. This boat is the industry standard for the Exploration Cruises in Artic regions. The boat is delivered by Frydenbø Milpro.

The Exploration Cruise industry has long been in demand for an electric propulsion solution. We have great expectations in this project and believe it will generate high volumes once the completed system proves to work as intended. Frydenbø Milpro finds it exciting to be part of this development and will do what we can to succeed, says a positive Trond Underhaug, Manager at Frydenbø Milpro.

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