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Evoy Expands Global Dealer Network

Norwegian electric motor producer Evoy is expanding their global dealer network, announcing partnerships with seven new dealers worldwide. Both the commercial and leisure boat market segments are looking for cleaner boating solutions. Evoy’s growing dealer portfolio reflects the same future-oriented commitment to sustainable boating that Evoy has.  

‘Our new partners help us tap into the increased interest in electric boats, and to showcase viable and scalable electric motor systems to the market,’ says Mads Roland–Glimsholt, Evoy Business Development Manager. 

Evoy continues to stay at the forefront of the high-output electric propulsion market as a steadily increasing number of customers view electric boating as an inevitability rather than novelty technology. Evoy designs and develops plug-and-play inboard and outboard electric motor systems from 120 to 400 horsepower that fit multiple boat types sized 20-50 ft.   

‘With the Evoy dealership network steadily growing, potential customers can test-drive and experience new technology in person before purchasing,’ says Glimsholt.   

New Evoy dealers supplying both the commercial and leisure segments

Among Evoy’s newly signed dealers – Marine Lifestyles serving Australia and New Zealand, Passionautica in Poland, and Powerboat & Yacht Management, which serves the UK, Lake Geneva in Switzerland, and the Southern France – supply both the commercial and leisure segments. They join established Evoy distributor The Green Wave, a Netherlands-based dealer that serves Benelux, in reaching both commercial and leisure target market groups.  

‘Our new dealers and their diverse focus areas demonstrate the strong appeal of electric propulsion across multiple market segments,’ says Marte Rostrup Hofset, Evoy Chief Commercial Officer.  

The Green Wave dealership in Goes, Netherlands developed an eponymous Green Wave Gala RIB 7 demo boat powered by Evoy’s Outboard Breeze 120+ hp motor —  designed for use in applications including diving, research, harbor work, fishing, rescue services, and more.

Australia-based Marine Lifestyles strategically chose a Hysucat Hydrofoil 8.5m RIB powered by an Evoy Outboard Breeze 120+ hp electric motor system to showcase the advantages of going electric. The hydrofoil-supported catamaran is a natural fit with electric motor systems because the foiling technology that lifts the hull reduces friction, improving energy consumption rates, and increasing range.  

‘We aim to be the leading supplier of electric powered marine products in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region,’ says Stephen Hennessy, Marine Lifestyles Managing Director. ‘Our Hysucat Electrofoil vessels offer breathtaking performance and efficiency and are the ideal platform for Evoy’s electric motor systems.  

‘Our first vessel, a 29-foot (8.5m) tender, designed specifically for the Evoy Outboard Breeze, will be launched in April and will make its debut at the Sydney International Boat Show.  We’re not just selling our own vessels but are actively presenting Evoy’s electric motor systems around Australia and the Pacific to a number of boatbuilders, aquaculture operators, commercial workboat customers and transport operators,’Stephen Hennessy, Marine Lifestyles Managing Director

New Evoy dealers serving the premium market

Hanse Hungaria, the official representative of Evoy in Hungary, exclusively serves the  premium boat market. The dealership is near beautiful Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, which has banned boats with combustion engines.   

‘We have a very special market near Lake Balaton. We wanted to step into the electric propulsion market and we were taking our time researching the best solution,’ says Peter Lindwurm of BLP Group.   

‘Our customers want high-end products, and with Evoy, this is something we can offer. We are very happy to be onboard.’    

As restrictions on European lakes tighten with a heightened focus on zero-emissions, boat dealers are gearing up for the rising demand in electric boats. Hanse Hungaria is in the process of selecting a display a sleek demo boat, which will be powered by an Evoy Outboard Storm 300+ hp motor and two 63kWh batteries.    

Evoy dealer Powerboat & Yacht Management with a location near Lake Geneva anticipates parallel premium leisure-craft demand.  

New Evoy dealers serving the commercial market

Meanwhile, Evoy dealers Grondin Marine in Western France, Sjótækni in Iceland, and Luxmeter in Chile serve commercial customers, primarily aquaculture, and shellfish farming companies. 

‘We believe Evoy has developed the products to play a key role in the transition to a zero-emission boating industry in France,’ says Jérôme Beilvert, CEO of Grondin Marine.  

‘Evoy’s 120 to 400 horsepower motor systems cover the speed and range needs for a lot of use cases for both professional and leisure customers. The systems come plug-and-play, ready to install, with motor battery, gearbox, and software.’Jérôme Beilvert, CEO of Grondin Marine

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