Latest NewsFirst OXE125-200 assembly in USA

First OXE125-200 assembly in USA

Outdoor Network Manufacturing (ONM) has initiated start of assembly of OXE125-200

In-line with the manufacturing agreement between OXE Marine AB (NASDAQ STO: OXE, OTCQB: CMMCF) and Outdoor Network Manufacturing (ONM), start of assembly of OXE125-200 has been initiated by ONM in Albany (GA, USA).

The development of the production set up in the USA has proceeded as planned, in line with the goal to initiate production of OXE125-200 in Albany (GA, USA) early this year. Production set up and initial assembly of units are on-going with support from OXE Marine personnel on-site.

The first production units from the assembly will undergo rigorous testing to ensure that stringent demands on endurance, reliability, power and control are sustained.

OXE Marine AB continues in-house production of OXE Diesel units to meet market demand, ensuring a constant supply of engines to the market.


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