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Future Proof Shipping: FPS Waal Begins Conversion to Hydrogen-Powered Vessel

Following the success of the FPS Maas, another milestone has been achieved in the realm of future proof shipping. The FPS Waal, has completed its final journey on a diesel engine, marking the beginning of its retrofit to become a zero-emission hydrogen-powered vessel.

Docking at the Holland Shipyards Group shipyard in Werkendam, the FPS Waal is about to undergo a significant transformation. All internal combustion engines will be removed, making way for a fully zero-emissions propulsion system. The retrofit will include the installation of PEM fuel cells, hydrogen storage, battery packs, and an electric drive train. Over the next few weeks, the main engine and generators will be extracted, and the cargo hold will be equipped with a new fuel cell section and battery room.

This achievement is a testament to the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders. Future Proof Shipping, in conjunction with Holland Shipyards Group, Ballard Power Systems, and partners and supporters such as the Port of Rotterdam, Expertise- en InnovatieCentrum Binnenvaart (EICB), Zero Emissions Ship Technology Association (ZESTAs), WaterborneTP, NSHyMap, RH2INE, and NCE Maritime CleanTech.

The financial support from the Interreg North Sea Region Programme (Zero Emission Ports North Sea – ZEM Ports NS), the Flagships H2020 Project (Clean Hydrogen Partnership), and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has been instrumental in making this project possible.

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