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GONDAN Ship Builders committed to continuous improvement and management optimisation

As part of its Innovation Plan and responding to the digital transformation of a 21st century shipyard, after almost two years of work, GONDAN has successfully implemented a new business management software: ERP, supplied by the Swedish company IFS AB.

This advanced tool will help the shipyard to face the increasing complexity of the projects undertaken, with special emphasis on process reengineering and on maintaining an integrated control of the information management of all the company’s departments.

The implementation of this new ERP is another step forward for the company towards digitalization, data centralization and control of key performance indicators (KPI), by obtaining the necessary information -with reliable and unique data- for an optimal resource planning. GONDAN thus lays the foundations for Shipyard 4.0, in which real-time data collection from all areas of the shipyard and the use of mathematical prediction models will lead to greater optimization of production costs and a reduction in delivery times.

The shipyard, driving economic revitalization for the region, thus continues with its policy of committing to the future, and the growth and optimization of its facilities and equipment to improve its competitiveness.

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