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IMO Tier 3 certified with Yanmar’s marine high-speed 6 cylinder engine and SCR

Effective after-treatment of exhaust gasses is an essential requirement to comply with IMO Tier 3 regulations. While engines and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) systems have been available separately, Yanmar now launches the 6AYE-M main engine with a dedicated SCR system, to maximize performance and reduce harmful emissions effectively. The system will be exhibited for the first time at Nor-Shipping in Oslo, from 4-7 April (Hall D01-28).

All-in-one engine and SCR system

Developing both the SCR and engine in-house side-by-side provides many advantages in terms of technology, emission control and usage, such as:

• Ready-to-install, factory-tested solution combining both engine and SCR system
• Most favourable balance between high power/high performance (555-749kW)
• Minimized emissions for the lowest possible environmental impact
• Optimal trade-off between exhaust temperature, pressure loss and durability
• Integrated control and monitoring system
• Optimization by design for easy integration

Flexibility with two types of SCR installations

Installation space is always limited in engine rooms. Therefore, two types of SCR installations are available: EIEO (End In End Out) and SIEO (Side In End Out), offering designers more flexibility where space is restricted.

Installation in high-tech Norwegian vessel

One of the installations will be on the newest, multi-purpose Geological Survey of Norway vessel for marine research and training that is currently under construction at the Kewatec shipyard in Finland. The ship is being fitted with two high-speed 6AYEM-GTWS common rail engines with SCR units as part of a hybrid drive system.

Jari Ahoranta, sales director at Kewatec: “Choosing an engine is about several factors. We need the best combination of technical features, suitability, delivery time and price. Here it was also compulsory to deliver according to IMO Tier III emission levels, since, the vessel is a hybrid drive boat, and environmentally-friendlier solutions were a key factor from the beginning.”


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